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Why You Should Use CopySketchPro

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You'll Love Using CopySketchPro

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Are Saying…

”Rozzie, ”from I’ve been looking and Buy Propecia Online there isn’t anything else out there like this. This collection is quite extensive and Buy Viagra 150mg with every image cataloged first, it makes it so easy to find exactly what you need. The price is an absolute no-brainer and cialis online a tremendous value. I’ll be using these right away in my own business and order cialis when writing copy for my own clients. Grab this now while you can!
”Dennis, ”from CopySketch Pro is a masterpiece. I use it for my sales letters, videos, testimonials, thumbnails, and even box-art. No more hours of googling to find the correct images, no more setting up the tablet and Buy Cialis hand-drawing arrows, no more boring copy. Whether you’re looking to make your designs more dynamic, elegantly call attention to important information, or get more clicks on your links, I highly recomend CopySketch Pro.
”Christopher, ”from I find this to be really really useful as I can just drag and drop the images onto what ever document I am working on. Saves me a lot of time and embarrassment as I can not draw for anything.
”Manni, ”from The images made my day. 3,500 of them, wow! The infographic images are particularly useful. I can create the infographics by myself – without a graphic designer.
”Sharlene, ”from My click-thru rates increased 70% after using the hand-drawn enhancements from CopySketchPro.
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Click Here to Get CopySketchProStart boosting your conversions rates in under 5 minutes

Here’s What You Get with CopySketchPro

(Contains over 3,500 hand-drawn & handwritten sketches, doodles, scribbles and sales copy enhancements.)

  • Arrows

    Bring attention to call-to-actions, buttons, headlines, emotional triggers plus much more.

  • Ovals & Circles

    Use to highlight key words, bring attention to buy buttons plus more. Be creative here.

  • Coupons

    Coupons are time tested ways of getting attention and boosting sales. These graphics are amazing.

  • Bullets & Numbers

    Many to choose from when creating your bulleted lists. From checkmarks to letters & x’s to symbols.

  • Boxes & Brackets

    Many oval & circle variations to choose from here. Use to bring attention to key information.

  • Speech Bubbles

    Speech bubbles & call outs are just cool. These are great to help convey a message or thought.

  • Highlights

    Sometimes a simple highlight works wonders in catching your prospects attention. Use anywhere.

  • Infographics & More

    Infographics & flowcharts are used to get noticed & drive website traffic.  Use these to help create them.

  • Underlines

    With dozens of underlines to choose from you’ll find the right one to use when underlining key words in a visually attractive way.

  • Stick People

    Use stick people to help convey a thought or concept. Can be powerful when used with speech bubbles.

  • Bonus Doodles

    Many more elements & graphics come with CopySketchPro. Over 3,500 of them in total (including all color variations).

  • Words & Phrases

    Hundreds of emotional triggers, buzzwords and call-to-actions. Plus 15 additional handwriting fonts.

Video Tutorials Included

You’ll also get video tutorials showing you how to use CopySketchPro, how to change the color of the graphics, how to create your own custom words and phrases, plus much more.

CopySketchPro Image Catalog

You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to find the graphics I want to use when there are so many?”.

Well, we thought about that and have included a PDF catalog for your convenience. Just open the catalog, search for the type of graphic you’d like to use, take note of the file name and the folder it’s located in, open CopySketchPro, navigate to the folder and file then drag and drop it into your project.

It really is easy to use CopySketchPro.

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